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SkinTyte uses broadband light energy to tighten and  improve aging and sagging skin. It is a non-invasive treatment option for patients of any skin type or age. This treatment combines the deep heating of the broadband light with surface cooling to stimulate new collagen growth, leading to improved skin elasticity. There is minimal discomfort and no downtime for this treatment. It is especially popular to tighten/increase skin elasticity in the tummy and neck region. Results are apparent right away and continue to improve for as much as 6 months after final treatment. Skintyte: The solution  to sagging skin!

Broadband Light Therapy: The most advanced  photofacial on the market!
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Broadband Light Therapy is the most advanced type of photofacial. It is much more efficient than traditional IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy. At C dermatology, our BBL is the latest by Sciton – the industry leader in light & laser treatments. Almost all skin surfaces can be successfully treated. BBL is a safe and extremely effective for removal of brown spots, discolorations, rosacea, and redness. Texture and overall skin quality is also improved. Treatments are generally 45 minutes and do not require premedication or topical numbing. No downtime is needed post treatment. However, strict avoidance of sun exposure is required 3 weeks before and after treatment for optimal results. The following is a list of common conditions treated by BBL:  

·         Red discoloration

·         Brown discoloration
·         Skin texture 
·         Fine lines 
·         Pores
·         Freckles and sunspots 
·         Hair removal
·         Birthmarks 
·         Telangiectasia/Broken blood vessels